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Tommy O’Sullivan Takes Checkers in LM Marquee at Thompson

Jay Sundeen Scores Third TIS Modified Feature Win

Tommy O'Sullivan, Late Model

Jay Sundeen, TIS Modified

O’Sullivan Shines in LM Marquee at Thompson

Pitkat Scores Sunoco Modified Win; Lindeman Honored in NETS

Ramstrom, Sundeen, Dorr & Bourgeois Weekly Winners



Thompson, CT(August 11, 2011): The Late Model division took the center stage at Thompson International Speedway on Thursday Night with their 40-lap extra distance race and Tommy O’Sullivan of Springfield, MA, was the star. Woody Pitkat of Stafford, CT, returned to top-form and to victory lane in the Sunoco Modifieds. Andy Lindeman of Poestenkill, NY, was tops in the touring New England Truck Series. Derek Ramstrom of Worcester, MA scored his fourth win of the season in the Super Late Models.


Dwayne Dorr of Ledyard, CT, motored his way to the victory in the Limited Sportsman division. Jay Sundeen of Douglas, MA, bested the field to win in the TIS Modifieds. He had been knocking on the door and on Thursday night Eric Bourgeois of Moodus, CT, scored his first Mini Stocks feature event win of the season.


Tommy O’Sullivan made it two-in-row by dominating the Late Models’ marquee 40-lap main event. It did not take long for O’Sullivan to take the lead in the special event. By lap four, O’Sullivan was the leader. He enjoyed a sizeable advantage over early leader Mark Oliveira. Marc Palmisano ran in third while Rick Gentes was working over Damon Tinio for fourth. Corey Hutchings held the fifth spot.


Hutchings reeled in the battle for the third between Tinio and Gentes. The sparks flew when Hutchings caught Gentes. On lap 12, Hutchings grabbed the position from Gentes. The battle had allowed Tinio to gain some breathing room. Back up front, O’Sullivan had checked out on Palmisano.


Tinio watched as his advantage dissipated as Hutchings bore down. Hutchings was able to steal the position away. His march to the front was not done as he stole the third spot from Oliveira on lap 23. As Hutchings was making tracks to the front, Tinio and Gentes began to fade. Mike Scorzelli had made his way into the top-five. John Falconi came from deep in the pack to run in sixth.


By the time Hutchings had worked his way into third, the distance to second-running Palmisano was nearly a half-track. O’Sullivan was on cruise control at the head of the pack; easily clicking laps off the scoreboard. Hutchings could do little to cut into the margin on second. Scorzelli on the other hand was catching Hutchings.


Over the closing laps, Palmisano had begun to reel in O’Sullivan. Even with the extra-distance, Palmisano ran out of time. He had to settle for second to winner O’Sullivan. Hutchings had a stellar run to finish third. Scorzelli and Falconi completed the top five.


Woody Pitkat of Stafford, CT, withstood a number of restarts against stiff competition to earn his third Sunoco Modified feature event of the season at Thompson Speedway. Rick Fuller led the field to green over a tenacious Pitkat. A spin by George Wilkinson on the back stretch necessitated a complete restart. Again, it was Fuller holding the top spot with heavy pressure from Pitkat. A pass for the lead by Pitkat was negated when Shelly Perry’s car came to rest on the backstretch.


Fuller was only able to hold off Pitkat for a single lap after going back to green. With Pitkat the new leader, Fuller now had to contend with Ryan Preece for second. After a quick bid, Preece settled back in line in third. The top-five ran nose to tail with Pitkat leading a freight train off Fuller, Preece, Danny Cates, and Keith Rocco.


Preece stepped out of line on lap five and easily took over second from Fuller. The top three began to break away from a battle between Cates and Rocco. Preece dogged Pitkat for the lead while Fuller ran alone in third. Rocco was all over Cates for fourth. A distance back, John Catania and Andrew Charron were locked in a battle for sixth.


Just after halfway, Rocco started to look low on Cates.Rocco had to settle back in line after several failed attempts at a pass. Cates and Rocco caught Fuller as Preece continued to chase the leader Pitkat. On lap 17, Rocco was finally able to move around Cates to take over fourth. Two laps later Rocco has made his way around Fuller and into third position.


Cates made contact with Fuller in his bid for the third spot. Fuller went spinning. The caution flew and Cates was sent to the rear of the field for his actions. Under the caution, Cates headed to pit road for service.


Pitkat was strong on the lap 19 restart; retaining his lead over Preece and Rocco. An incident involving Carl Oberg and Charron pitted Pitkat against Preece and Rocco on another attempt at the lap 19 restart. Once again, Pitkat was quick on the restart.


Preece dove low in a bid for the lead. This opened the door for Rocco to move along side Preece. Rocco got the advantage on lap 21 and immediately went to work on Pitkat for the lead. Pitkat held a slight advantage over Rocco and Preece. Rocco had his hands full with Preece who was all over the back bumper. The caution flew on lap 24 for another spin by Charron.


On the subsequent restart it was now Rocco to Pitkat’s outside. Pitkat held on to the top spot with heavy pressure from Rocco. Fuller had recovered from his earlier woes to make it a four-car breakaway at the front of the pack. Fuller was able to get by Preece to run third. Fuller stayed glued to the bumper of Rocco in second.


On the white flag lap, Pitkat held a half-car length advantage over Rocco. He would maintain the advantage under the checkers to score his third Sunoco Modified win of the season. Rocco had to settle for second. Fuller earned a strong finish in third over Preece. Cates also rebounded to score a top-five finish.


Derek Ramstrom of Worcester, MA, had to work for his Super Late Model victory. Larry Gelinas capitalized on his front row starting position to take command of the division’s feature event. Gelinas had company in Ramstrom. Jim Banfield, Mike O’Sullivan and George Bessette made up the top-five in the opening laps. Ramstrom became restless in second; looking low on Gelinas in a bid for the lead. Gelinas was able to hold back Ramstrom lap-after-lap.


Ramstrom finally made the pass for the lead on lap fourteen. While Ramstrom was taking the lead away from Gelinas, O’Sullivan was making a bid on Banfield for third. The two made contact; sending Banfield spinning to bring out the caution. Both cars sustained damage and headed to pit road under the caution. George Bessette also took his car down pit road. All were able to rejoin the field.


On the lap 15 restart, Ramstrom and Gelinas went fender-to-fender for the top spot. After a lap, Ramstrom was able to gain the advantage once again. With Ramstrom in control and Gelinas settled into second, the best battle was for third between Bessette and O’Sullivan. After several laps of side-by-side racing, O’Sullivan was able to muscle the position away. Ramstrom cruised through the remaining laps to score his fourth win of the season. Gelinas, O’Sullivan, Bessette, and Banfield rounded out the top give.


A confident Dwayne Dorr of Ledyard, CT, strutted into victory lane with his first Limited Sportsman feature event win of the season. Shawn Monahan has been on a tear in the Limited Sportsman division in 2011. The feature on Thursday night was no different. After starting in the seventh position, he was scored in second position on lap two when the caution flew for a spin by Joe Coates. On the lap two restart, Monahan was the new leader. Dorr, who had started ninth, followed through to run second.


Chris Douton and Ed Puleo were on the move and into the top-five. Shea was holding his own against the advances for Douton and Puleo. Scott Sundeen had come from deep in the pack to take chase of the top-five. On lap seven, Shea surrendered positions to both Douton and Puleo. A pair of laps later, Sundeen had moved past Shea and into fifth. At halfway, Monahan led Dorr, Douton, Puleo and Sundeen.


The rotors were glowing on Dorr’s #16 as he chased Monahan. Puleo was the first of the top-five to step out of line. He tried the low groove and then the high lane to get around Douton. He could not muster up the pass.


On lap 15, Dorr and Monahan made contact as they duked it out for the lead. Douton made it three-wide briefly to make it a three-car battle for the top spot. Dorr was able to muscle the top spot away. Douton faltered opening the door for Puleo.


There was a tense moment for the leaders when James Bendiak spun as Dorr and Monahan were accelerating out of turn two. Everyone got through unscathed as the caution flew on lap 17.


Dorr set sail on the restart with three laps remaining. He enjoyed the largest advantage of the night as he took the white flag. Dorr was able to hold off all advances to score his first win of the season. Monahan came home second. Douton clawed his way back to finish third over Sundeen and Puleo inside the top-five.


Jay Sundeen of Douglas, MA, turned in a dominating performance to score his third TIS Modified feature win of the season. JP Lowinski-Loh, Jr. jumped out to lead the opening lap of the 20-lap main event. By the completion of the second circuit it was Sundeen with the lead. Lowinski-Loh immediately had to contend with Glenn Boss. After a quick battle, Boss had the position. Once free of Lowinski-Loh, Boss set his sights on Sundeen, who had raced out to a sizeable lead.


The distance between the leader Sundeen and Boss had stabilized with Sundeen enjoying a half-straightaway advantage. At halfway, Lowinski-Loh continued to run in third followed by R.J. Marcotte and Cam Dermott. There was a heated battled from sixth on back between Ryan Morgan, Brian Tagg, Denis Legere, Payton Henry, and Chad LaBastie.


McDermott began to pour it on after taking the crossed flags; making his way past Marcotte and the Lowinski-Loh. McDermott easily ran away from Lowinski-Loh but was a distance back from Boss. In the closing laps, Sundeen appeared to stretch his advantage further over Boss. At the checkers it was all Sundeen followed by Boss and McDermott. Lowinski-Loh and Marcotte rounded out the top-five.


It was an emotional win for Eric Bourgeois of Moodus, CT, who drove the #33 to victory in the Mini Stocks. The opening laps of the Mini Stock main event featured a three-car battle for the top spot between Lloyd Anderson, Roger Ducharme, and Eric Bourgeois. Each led a lap before Bourgeois asserted himself as the leader. Once out front, Bourgeois enjoyed several car-lengths over Ducharme. A spin by early leader Anderson brought out the first caution of the event on lap seven.


Bourgeois was up for the challenge on the restart easily taking the lead once again. There was a new contender in Tyler Poulin. Now aboard the #07, Poulin was locked in a heated battle with Ducharme for the second spot. The division’s dominator Danny Field had gotten past Travis Jurcik on the restart to run in fourth.


A multi-car accident on lap seven set up another restart for Bourgeois. The results were the same for the leader Bourgeois. Following the restart, it was a three car battle for the runner-up spot between Ducharme, Poulin and Field. Field tried the low groove on Poulin to no avail. He switched lanes but could not muster up a pass. Poulin fended off Field and went after Ducharme. He was able to take over second on lap 12. With the battle for the runner-up spot, Chad Baxter and Leo Defevers had caught the lead pack.


Poulin had cut into the advantage of Bourgeois but ran out of time. Bourgeois streaked under the checkers to score his first win of the season. In victory lane, Bourgeois dedicated his win to the late “Uncle Buck” Chuck Rogers, the former driver of the #33. Poulin settled for second over Ducharme. Field held on for fourth followed by C. Baxter.


Andy Lindeman of Poestenkill, NY, scored the victory in 20-lap feature event for the visiting New England Truck Series. Howard Payne was strong right from the drop of the green flag. He cruised out to a comfortable lead over Andy Lindeman. The margin was erased after an incident on the front stretch that involved Keith Chapman. Lindeman got the jump on the restart and was the new leader on lap five. Duane Knoll ran comfortably in third over a brewing battle between Allen Coates, driving in relief of his son Corey, and Jason Lafayette. Back up front, Payne was looking racy; working over Lindeman for the lead.


At halfway, the best battle on the speedway was for the lead between Lindeman and Payne. Knoll had the best seat in the house in third. Coates, Lafayette, and Nate Bubello completed the top five. Payne got alongside Lindeman on lap 12. The two went door-to-door for the top spot for several laps before a caution on lap 15 for an incident between Derek Chriss and Shane Michalski cooled the battle.


The duo resumed their side-by-side battle on the restart. Lindeman and Payne made contact exiting turn two on lap 16. The contact allowed Knoll to make a run. Knoll was able to steal the second spot away. Payne stayed glued to the back bumper of Knoll while Lindeman got away from the pack.


Behind the leader they went two-by-two for position. Knoll and Payne ran side-by-side for second while Lafayette and Coates were two-wide for fourth with the white flag waving. Lindeman cruised in for the victory. Knoll edged Payne for second Lafayette edged out Coates for fourth.


Sunoco Modifieds (Top Ten) Feature Finish:1. Woody Pitkat, Stafford, CT; 2. Keith Rocco, Wallingford, CT; 3. Rick Fuller, Auburn, MA; 4. Ryan Preece, Berlin, CT, 5. Danny Cates, Chaplin, CT; 6. John Catania, Agawam, MA; 7. Dave Salzarulo, Monson, MA; 8. Carl Oberg, Sutton, MA; 9. Andrew Charron, Thompson, CT; 10. Shelly Perry, Westerly, RI.


Super Late Models Feature Finish:1. Derek Ramstrom, Worcester, MA; 2. Larry Gelinas, Buxton, ME; 3. Mike O’Sullivan, Springfield, MA; 4. George Bessette, Danbury, CT; 5. Jim Banfield, S. Glastonbury, CT; 6. Jeff Hartwell, E. Putnam, CT; 7. Scott Rotherforth, Glastonbury, CT.


Late Models (Top Ten) Feature Finish:1. Tommy O’Sullivan, Springfield, MA; 2. Marc Palmisano, Hadley, MA; 3. Corey Hutchings, Salem, CT; 4. Mike Scorzelli, Malta, NY; 5. John Falconi, Oakham, MA; 6. Damon Tinio, Mendon, MA; 7. Rick Gentes, Woonsocket, RI; 8. Mark Oliveira, Blackstone, MA; 9. Phil Rondeau, Baltic, CT; 10. Randy Tucker, Millis, MA.


Limited Sportsman (Top Ten) Feature Finish:1. Dwayne Dorr, Ledyard, CT; 2. Shawn Monahan, Waterford, CT; 3. Chris Douton, Waterford, CT; 4. Scott Sundeen, Douglas, MA; 5. Ed Puleo, Branford, CT; 6. Steve Kenneway, Lowell, MA; 7. Joe Coates, Groton, CT; 8. Tommy Silva, Gales Ferry, CT; 9. Tommy Shea, New London, CT; 10. Corey Fanning, Mapleville, RI.


TIS Modifieds (Top Ten) Feature Finish:1. Jay Sundeen, Douglas, MA; 2. Glenn Boss, Danielson, CT; 3. Cam McDermott, Scituate, RI; 4. JP Lowinski-Loh, Jr., Milford, MA; 5. R.J. Marcotte, Millville, MA; 6. Ryan Morgan, Mystic, MA; 7. Payton Henry, Willington, CT; 8. Brian Tagg, Oxford, MA; 9. Chad LaBastie, Uxbridge, MA; 10. Denis Legere, N. Reading, MA.


Mini Stocks (Top Ten) Feature Finish:1. Eric Bourgeois, Moodus, CT; 2. Tyler Poulin, Pascoag, RI; 3. Roger Ducharme, Foster, RI; 4. Danny Field, Deep River, CT; 5. Chad Baxter, Pascoag, RI; 6. Leo Defevers, Brooklyn, CT; 7. Travis Jurcik, Chaplin, CT; 8. Brent Gleason, Norwich, CT; 9. Steve Romjue, Coventry, CT; 10. Lloyd Anderson, Jr., Wauregan, CT.


New England Truck Series (Top Ten) Feature Finish:1. Andy Lindeman, Poestenkill, NY; 2. Duane Knoll, Monroe, CT; 3. Howard Payne, Shelton, CT; 4. Jason Lafayette, Somers, CT; 5. Allen Coates, Ledyard, CT; 6. Nate Bubello, Holliston, MA; 7. Bert Ouellette, Dayville, CT; 8. Derek Chriss, Averill, NY; 9. Shane Michalski, Woodstock, CT; 10. Tom Smith, Hope Valley, RI.


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