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Johnn Hanafin Takes the Crown at Seekonk

Wins Triple Crown Series in BFR Late Model

Street Stock Feature Recap

The Sim’s Streets stocks finished out the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series with the Bullet once again sitting as the victor. Austin Blais used the outside lane to get his way to the front, then held off a late challenge from Scott Bruneau to pick up his fifth win this season.

Mike Mitchell jumped out to an early lead, a huge one at that. He had a lead of half of the race track, something we rarely see in any division, let alone the Street Stocks. Mitchell found himself way out front until the caution flew for the first time.

On the ensuing restart, Ed Gagnon III and Mitchell made contact, sending both to the tail end of the field and handing the lead over to rookie contender Tyler Lallier. Lallier has been having a good clean season of late, keeping his nose clean and found himself in great position just passed halfway.

That all went out the window when Scott Bruneau moved the outside lane by Lallier and set sail out front. The defending champion has struggled some this season, but looked in good position to drive his way to a win.

When Austin Blais got to his bumper, Bruneau had no choice but to give up the lead to the Bullet. Blais started to drive away out front, never looking back in route to the win.

Joe Kohler subbed behind the wheel of the #92 Street Stock for Glen Tavares. He found himself working his way through the field slowly but surely and eventually moved his way into the top five before features end.

When Blais crossed the line for the checkers, Bruneau finished second, Craig Pianka third, Kohler fourth and Corey Fanning rounding out the top five.

Street Stocks Feature Finish: 1. Austin Blais, 2. Scott Bruneau, 3. Craig Pianka, 4. Joe Kohler, 5. Corey Fanning, 6. Johnn Hannifin, 7. Ray Lovelace, 8. Ed Gagnon III, 9. Chris Beaulieu, 10. Mike Teague, 11. Tyler Lallier, 12. Tony Oliveria, 13. Vinny Pangalinan, 14. Tommy Adams, 15. Bobby Bettencourt, 16. Dane Saritelli, 17. Rey Negley, 18. Ryan Flood, 19. Darryl Perry, 20. Dave Smith, 21. AJ Soloman, 22. Mike Mitchell, 23. Nick Ray, 24. Chris DeMoura.